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Mark Wichern

President and Founder

Restoration Coach Mark Wichern IICRC Instructor

Mark Wichern, President/CEO and Instructor

Mark Wichern is an IICRC Clean Trust Certified Master Water & Textile Technician. He teaches WRT and ASD and has a college background in accounting, marketing and sales. In 1999 he founded A1A Water Damage Restoration in Dayton, OH with less than $1500.00. Within two years A1A had grossed more than $1.5 million with a net profit better than 40%. By January of 2007, Mark had dried 1000’s of properties, developed a completely turn-key operation, sold A1A and semi-retired at 39.

He continues to work developing and teaching many other courses for Restoration Coach and other water damage restoration entities as well as helping the development and consulting of many restoration companies through our MVP Client Program.

Mark has always put education first and gets the most satisfaction out of seeing other people succeed from what he has taught.

Career Overview

  • The founder of Restoration Coach is Mark Wichern.  He began in the water restoration business in 1997 and is now a Master Water and Textile Cleaning Technician  with the IICRC.
  • In college, he majored in accounting and minored in marketing.
  • In 2005, Mark began teaching WRT for the IICRC and became one of very few ASD instructors in the world.
  • In January of 2007, Mark sold A1A and semi-retired.
  • He began developing training courses that would help quality companies grow easy and inexpensively.
  • The training courses were all built around the 10’s of $1000’s A1A spent on outside consultants, training, OSHA and many other sources that contributed to the successful systems of A1A.
  • Mark privately consulted for many companies and organizations throughout the country for the next couple of years and decided their must be a less expensive way for companies to learn the complete detailed systems that worked for A1A.