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    Mark Wichern

    1. The following is strictly prohibited; Cursing, Name Calling, belittling, spamming, phishing, negativity in general.
    2. Be helpful. Please refrain from comments that have no substance or contain idle words.
    3. Be thorough. When explaining something, use full sentences, bullet points, or other formatting so that everyone can understand.
    4. Be patient. When you have an issue, please wait patiently for a response. Don’t double post. If no one responds, it’s because no one can help at the moment.
    5. Be Resourceful. Share course tip, tricks, and info that someone may have forgot. Also share industry documents that benefit the common good and are legit, sound facts and evidence, and not hearsay.
    6. PLEASE Search the forums before making a new topic.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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