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Product Description

Our exclusive Management Value Profitability (MVP) Program helps new or existing companies become more profitable.

The Restoration Coach Exclusive Client Program is designed for start up, expansion or reorganization of a Water Damage Restoration Company.  It is based on the theory of making things easier to do right than wrong.  Our complete program includes everything you need to run and operate a top notch Water Damage Restoration Business.

The MVP Team Program includes the following and more:

  •     Complete Paperwork Systems
  •     Customized Customer Presentations
  •     Operations Boards
  •     Exclusive Restoration Coach Monthly Training Projects
  •     Customer Service Training Media
  •     Continuing Education
  •     Free Forms and Marketing Material
  •     IICRC Class Discounts
  •     Hands-on Training
  •     Experienced Help
  •     Consulting Calls
  •     Help with Drying Projects
  •     Marketing, etc.
  •     Estimate Pricing Updates
  •     Start-up Equipment Packages
  •     100% Financing
  •     2 or 4 Year Lease Terms
  •     No Competition – First Come Basis

To keep this program effective and exclusive, we only offer it to one company per 350,000 population and on a first come, first serve basis.

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