Psychrometric Calculator


Enjoy this psychometric calculator as a free gift from the Restoration Coach.  Includes Free Shipping.



Restoration Coach Drying tips

  1. Reduce specific humidity below 50 g.p.p withing 24hrs.
  2. Every 18-20 degree rise in temperature can double rate of evaporation.
  3. Direct warm dry airflow to wet materials.
  4. Moisture wants to move from high to low pressure.  High grains to low grains.
  5. Inspect and document furniture, under base plates and all potentially wet areas.
  6. Document loss with moisture maps, psychometric readings in the HVAC, dehumidifier exhausts and affected, unaffected, outside areas daily.
  7. Take dew point readings in the inside areas before belching a structure.
  8. Conventional / standard dehumidifiers do not work when specific humidity is below 30 g.p.p.
  9. Non hi-temperature refrigerant dehumidifiers begin to fail around 85 degrees ambient air.
  10. Maintain negative pressure may cause a back draft and /  or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  11. Excessive high temperatures may melt candles, cause off gassing of MVOC’s, kill fish, pets, or void warranties on appliances.


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